Sushi poison

I’m writing this one in English… Why? Because I want to make that Angelinos will read it and won’t go where I got sick eating sushi.

Yesterday, December 8th, Laurence and I went to Sushi Roku on the corner of Santa Monica and Ocean, in Santa Monica. The restaurant is famous locally and has several franchises in the Los Angeles area, in Las Vegas and even in Phoenix. Laurence went there two times before yesterday, saying it was a good sushi restaurant.

We got at Sushi Roku at 6h30 and it started to get crowded. Luckily we got a table. We ordered wine, sushi (rolls and sushi) and Tempura (vegetables and seafood). It was tasty… Then we talked and ate very slowly. After two hours in the restaurant, Laurence started to feel sick. She went to the bathrooms, came back really sick… had to leave quickly to get some fresh air…

She barely made it home, had to stop on the way, sick.

I have to admit that my stomach feels funny too. I have bad cramps and can’t eat anything without having a bitter taste in my mouth.

Both of us were fine before we got to the restaurant…

Sushi Roku is a very fancy, hip restaurant but it doesn’t mean that food is always fresh. It is the first time I get sick from sushi and I guess I won’t be eating sushi for a while… and NEVER AGAIN at Sushi Roku that’s for sure!

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  1. Ça veut-tu dire que t’aura pas le coeur à manger des sushis aux Fêtes?

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