I miss China…

Season’s Holiday is over, it’s time to get back on earth. Since we got back on December 19th, parties and get together with friends and family were planned almost every day. But now, it’s time to get back to routine and it is very hard.

I’m really amaze how three months can change a whole perception of life… This experience made me realize that the country I was born in is great but not perfect. The whole world is complaining about China, but this country still have a lot of great things that we should learn from. We cannot expect to teach China how to be the biggest economy in the world. They are doing it their own way, and it is not to us to change it.

I’m really amaze also that three months can made such a difference in my personnal life. Living abroad brings people together the way that no other friendship can. I felt powerful in China, I felt like I was somebody… Weird when I think that I was one in 14 millions others!

I didn’t realize that coming back would be as hard, even harder, than going in the first place. When I first got in China, it took me two weeks to settle a routine and meet people. Here, I have my friends and my family, but it will take me a lot more time to really come back. Very hard to explain, this feeling of emptyness, of boredness in any task… Quite a challenge.

Publié par Mariève Paradis

Fille de mots, passionnée de plein air et mère de 2 tannants

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